Warranty and Returns


  1. autocom-cdp grants a twenty-four (24) month warranty on all products. Unless accepted by EU law, autocom-cdp is not liable for exceeding the warranty period specified by the manufacturer and supplier. autocom-cdp respects the rights and requirements of customers.
  2. If the product is defective during the warranty period, please contact us at [email protected] and clarify the specific product defect. After we review the error, we usually give you some suggestions on how to solve the problem. If you cannot solve the problem yourself, we will ask you to send the goods back to our warehouse or our place of repair. Then we will arrange repairs, returns or refunds.
  3. Please note that if the defect is caused by the customer during the warranty period, autocom-cdp will provide a cost estimate for the repair that includes material and labor costs as well as return costs.
  4. If the following conditions are met, the product
    guarantee is void : 4.1 The guarantee period has expired
    4.2 Improper use
    4.3 If the product is not in its original condition (e.g. due to changes)
    4.4 If the product is used with accessories that contain the Product not supported.
    4.5 Unsupported software or firmware


a. 7 Day DOA Product Guarantee

If one or more of the items you receive are damaged, incorrect, missing or unusable, this guarantee will protect you. Please contact us first and send us the pictures of the items / packages you received and provide information about the detailed description of the problem. After we have confirmed, you will receive the RMA number and return address.

After you have returned the product to the address provided by our customer service team, we can send you the new product free of charge (we will refund the return shipping fee to the PayPal account you provided) or you can choose a full refund.

b. 15 days return for exchange or refund

If you are not satisfied with the product, you can request a return or exchange within 15 days of receiving your order. Please contact us ([email protected]) to get the RMA number and return address. In this case you will bear the return costs.

c. Return process

Step 1: Send us an email and indicate that you want to return the package. Provide us with your order number and
we will process your return request within 1 ~ 2 working days and send you the RMA number and return address

Step 2:We recommend that you return the package within 1 week of the sender address and RMA number. and we recommend that you return the package with a tracking number. In this case, you will receive a refund quickly.

Step 3: (if exchanged) As soon as we know the tracking number, we will soon send a new package within 1 ~ 2 working days

d. Sender address

If you are returning the package, you must send it back to our EU warehouse address. Usually it is a German address. The return address depends on where we are shipping the product from.
Please contact us to get the return address

Refund process:

  1. After receiving the returned product and confirmation from the warehouse system, we will issue the refund within 1 business day and you will normally receive the refund within 1 ~ 3 business days.
  2. You can always email us or reach us on Facebook if you don’t get a refund in time.


  1. All returned products must be kept in their original condition (brand new). If the accessories are incomplete or the customer damages the product, autocom-cdp reserves the right to refuse a full refund
  2. If you have purchased a cell phone, please delete all personal information in the item before you return it. Sign out of the Mi account and send the call back to us.

If you are purchasing large items, please keep the original packaging for at least 15 days during the return period to prevent returns or exchanges.

  1. In order to get information about the returned package in a timely manner, we recommend that you choose a carrier who can track the package
  2. If the return was caused by your aversion to the product, you are responsible for the return shipping fee. If the return is due to our fault, autocom-cdp will bear the return shipping fee.
  3. A full refund or re-shipment will be issued within 1 to 3 working days of receipt of the returned package
  4. For return requests, please first contact the attached e-mail. Returns or exchanges without prior registration will not be accepted.

Cancellation policy

We recommend canceling the order before shipping. Once the package has been sent, the order cannot be canceled as we cannot stop the package at that point. In this case, you can refuse or return the package. As soon as we have received the returned package, we will refund it to you.

Usually we will process cancellation requests within 1 working day. After we cancel your order we will issue a refund soon. Usually you will receive a refund within 1 ~ 3 business days. Hopefully you can understand.

For more information, please contact us at [email protected]

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